VIDEO - HelpHOPELive - Andie Keller


Andie Keller's story is one that is experienced by millions of people in the United States every day. Her continuing battle with debilitating health issues, her struggle to find the help she needs and her rising medical costs are just a few of the problems that plague Type-1 Diabetes patients around the country. What's unique about Andie is that she is a full-time employee with the Washington State Department of Health.

Once her co-workers found out about her plight, they used the Combined Fund Drive to rally around their friend and provide relief to the financial burden that has been placed on Andie and her family since she was a little girl. Check out this inspiring video of a donor, volunteer and recipient of CFD assistance, and how her fellow employees are helping her in the fight.

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The CFD is happy to report that in early 2016, Andie Keller received her transplant and is recovering well.

Below is a video she recorded for the annual Thurston County Recognition Event as a thank you for all of the heartfelt support she received during her treatment.