The CFD gets a new web address

The Washington State Combined Fund Drive is introducing a new web address just in time for its 35th Anniversary. The new address is a part of a long-term rebranding strategy that the staff hopes will better articulate what the program is capable of.

“It’s all about our stakeholders,” Program Manager Philip Kerrigan said. “We want to make our volunteers and donors know what we are all about.”

The new site address is, a modification from the standard acronym that has been used in years past. All visitors to the previous web address will be redirected to the new site, and while most functionality will remain the same (search engine, donor accounts, charity applications, etc.) for now, there will be some new content that will accompany the updated site address:

  - New Volunteer Resources Page
  - Speakers Bureau
  - New online training materials

It’s all a part of a strategy that Kerrigan hopes will illustrate the strength of one of the country’s most innovative giving program.

“As the program grows, we want to make sure it’s clear what our mission is,” he said. “By switching to this new site, we are showing people that this is the place you come to give and make a difference.”

For questions or issues with the new site address, please do not hesitate to contact the CFD state office at 360-902-4182 or email