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The staff of the Combined Fund Drive are always here to help. Click on any of the photos below to find out more about who we are and who to contact for your specific issue.

Stephanie Hornmore_vert

Community Programs Deputy Director

Stephanie Hornclose

Stephanie is in charge of the Special Programs Division, which houses the Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) and the Combined Fund Drive. She also oversees reception services and event planning at the Capitol Building.


Contact Stephanie if you need help with:
OSOS policies
Contacting agency leadership
OSOS availability for events, communications with elected officials and overall program changes






Jerika Fergusonmore_vert

Marketing and Development Director

Jerika Fergusonclose

Jerika designs all printed and promotional CFD materials, and is responsible for the communications and business development plans for the CFD.


Contact Jerika if you need help with:
Web promotions
Designing flyers and promotional materials
Social media inquiries
In-kind donations and local business solicitation
General marketing questions






Heather Lucasmore_vert

Fiscal and Policy Coordinator

Heather Lucasclose

Heather works with the OSOS fiscal office and IT staff on crucial issues such as charity disbursements, donations, web-based system issues and works with the CFD Program Manager on crafting and monitoring policies and procedures.


Contact Heather if you need help with:
Generating reports
Disbursement of funds to charity
Help with donations, reconciliations or payroll issues
Logging fundraisers
General policy questions






Dawn Bakermore_vert

Resource Coordinator

Dawn Bakerclose

Dawn is the CFD’s unofficial firefighter. She tackles questions and concerns from donors, charities and volunteers. She also works on developing relationships between the community and the CFD.


Contact Dawn if you need help with:
Donor accounts
General CFD questions and inquiries
Requests for fundraising events or donations
Inquiries regarding reimbursement for fundraising events
General CFD questions