Contact the Combined Fund Drive

Leila Anoinamore_vert

Marketing Coordinator

Leila Anoinaclose

Leila is the Marketing & Training Coordinator for the CFD. She primarily works on the program’s promotional outreach and manages all social media accounts.


Contact Leila if you need help with:


- Charity highlights
- Campaign designs
- Social Media & Website promotion


Office: (360) 902-4181


Erin Aquinomore_vert

Program Coordinator

Erin Aquinoclose

Erin is the Program Coordinator for the CFD who works closely with donors and agencies on any general questions or concerns they might have.


Contact Erin if you need help with:


-Donor Accounts
-Requests for fundraising events or donations
-Supply order questions


Office: (360) 902-4162



Robert Lanemore_vert

CFD Manager

Robert Laneclose

Robert is the CFD Manager who gives day to day oversight over the Combined Fund Drive.

Contact Robert if you need help with:


-Connecting with Volunteers and County Committees
-Request for state CFD presence at fundraising events
-Sponsorship opportunities
-Program questions and innovations


Office: (360) 902-4154


Renee Lewismore_vert

Fiscal Specialist

Renee Lewisclose

Renee is the Fiscal Specialist for the CFD who works with the state's agencies to reconcile their donations and manage their accounts.


Contact Renee if you need help with:


- Donor Account Management
- Reconciliation


Office: (360) 902-4182