CFD Advisory Council



The Advisory Council may consist of ten members appointed by the Secretary of State for two-year terms (WAC 434-750-300). Membership on the committee is voluntary. Committee members may be appointed from State agencies, Higher Education institutions, The Legislative branch, The Judicial branch, Elected officials, Public employees unions, Retired state employees, Staff of charitable organizations and Private sector employees.


2021-2023 Council:

Beth Bello – Seattle Children’s Hospital – Seattle, WA

Jim Cooper – United Way of the Pacific Northwest – Olympia, WA

Carol Doane – Woman of Wonder – Vancouver, WA

Kara Gabriel – Central Washington University – Ellensburg, WA

Shannon Glenn – Puget Sound Energy – Lacey, WA

Alan Hamilton – Clark County Food Bank – Vancouver, WA

John Miles - Department of Revenue – Kent, WA

Brian Newberry – Girl Scouts of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho – Spokane, WA

Tara-Lyn Poole – Department of Ecology – Olympia, WA

Mike Tice – The Mike Tice Foundation – Belfair, WA


2021-2023 Staff/Key Stakeholders:

Leila Anoina - Marketing and Training Coordinator for the CFD

Erin Aquino – Program Coordinator for the CFD

RaShelle Davis – Senior Policy Associate, Governor’s Office

Heather Hirotaka – Community Programs Director, OSOS

Steve Hobbs - Secretary of State

Bonnie Jacques – Campaign Manager, DSHS, CFD

Robert Lane – Program Manager of the Combined Fund Drive

Renee Lewis - Fiscal Specialist for the CFD

Jolyn Mason – Campaign Manager, University of Washington, CFD

Stephanie Prentice, Deputy Director of Community Programs, OSOS



Below are the minutes for each meeting of the Advisory Council from 2019-Present. You may request any additional minutes at [email protected]:


  • filter_dramaWhat exactly are Advisory Committees?

    Simply, they advise a group of volunteers that meet regularly to provide advice and support to a business. These can range from consulting on broad policy issues to focusing on the nitty-gritty of committee work. Participating as a member of the Combined Fund Drive’s Advisory Council, you will assist in establishing standards, criteria for charitable participation, creating a campaign structure and the promotional materials. Additionally as a member you appoint and educate volunteers.

  • placeWhat makes an Advisory Committee Effective?

    An advisory group is more likely to be effective at providing advice and support when:

    1. 1. The representatives (directors and staff) genuinely desire the committee’s input;
    2. 2. The committee is comprised of knowledgeable, committed individuals whose interest in volunteering their own time is sustained by appropriate recognition and rewards;
    3. 3. The committee’s group processes and procedures for governance allow for regular meetings, a sense of engagement and ownership, and sufficient access to information about the program so that the committee can offer useful advice and support;
    4. 4. The expectations about the roles of the committee in providing advice and support are clear, candid, consistent, and well communicated.