Rise Up Campaign

It's been called one of the worst storms in recorded world history, and while hundreds of thousands of people sift through the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan, the Combined Fund Drive is beginning a month long campaign to bring relief to those in need in the region.

From now until December 13, you are invited to give to any of the program's member charities that are currently providing services on the ground in the Philippines.

To give to one of our member charities that are bringing relief to Typhoon Haiyan victims, simply click the link below and select the TYPHOON HAIYAN RELIEF CAMPAIGN under the dropdown box.



Here are a list of our member charities that are helping bring relief to Typhoon Haiyan victims*. Click on any of their icons to see what they're doing in the region:














Make sure that you are an informed donor when it comes to the cause you are giving to. Below are just a couple of resources that you can use to make an informed decision:


*Official Charity Selection Process for Disaster Relief Campaigns:

The Combined Fund Drive understands that many calls will be made for monetary donations during relief campaigns. An email is sent out to all of our active member charities giving each 24 hours to respond with proof. In order to qualify for the campaign, the charity must:

  • Be a Combined Fund Drive member charity that has an "active" status (up to date with the IRS and the Secretary of State)
  • Provide proof of their efforts on the ground in the disaster zone

The Combined Fund Drive reserves the right to eliminate any charity from the special campaign if it is discovered that they are not providing services specific to the disaster relief effort.